David Herman | Photo Paintings: Brooklyn

15th Street, Late AfternoonA Grand Arch (9x12)Bailey Fountain, Laughing and Dancing (11x14)East River, Night (4x6 only)Manhattan Bridge in WatersEnd of Day, Coney Island (8x12)Fall Walk through Prospect ParkFarm Flowers, WilliamsburgGowanus, Winter Sunset (9x12)Greenwood BloomProspect Park Path (4x6 only)Purple in Prospect ParkSunset, Central Library, Grand Army Plaza (11x14)Third Avenue Viaduct, SunsetWeb of the Brooklyn Bridge (10x15)Web of the Brooklyn BridgeWilliasmsburgh Savings Touches the Sky (8x12)Wisdom and Felicity, Grand Army Plaza (8x12)Wonder Wheel, Coney Island (10x15)Grand Army Plaza, Dusk